A living estate sale for Frank Love, VA3FWL     
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    The following items are offered For Sale by the family of Frank Love, VA3FWL    
    The Vintage WWII Military Radio is not included with the general sale.
Individual Bids will be received for this item.
Gord Love
Mount Hope, ON



    Vintage WWII Military Radio

This item is not included with
items below.
  Colins - MX-128/ART 13 Aircraft Radio  Bids Only  Commonly Used in B25 Mitchell Aircraft  
  Contact Gord at  
  Realistic DX-160 SW Receiver (w) speaker Yaesu FT-7800 dual band mobile (front) Yaesu FT-7800 dual band mobile (top)  
  $125 CDN  $250 CDN  (original packaging available)  
  Kenwood TS-130S HF Transceiver (front) TS-130S + PS-30 Combo  Kenwood TS-130S (PS-30) Power Supply  
    $400 CDN     
  Nevada TM-1000 Tuner (front) Nevada TM-1000 Tuner (interior)    
  $250 CDN   typical interior view    
  Turner style desk mid - 2 available   Astatic D-104 Desk Mic  
  $75 each CDN   $100 CDN    

  HAL FYO iambic paddle   Vibroplex 68567 bug (w) wooden storage box  
  $110 CDN    SOLD  
  HAL 2550 Keyer (front) HAL 2550 Keyer (rear panel) Heil FS-3 Footswitch  
  $80 CDN Manual $40 CDN    
    Heil HS Elite Headset (View 1) Heil HS Elite Headset (View 2)  
      $240 CDN   
  Realistic NOVA PRO Headset (View 1) Realistic NOVA PRO Headset (View 1)    
  $80 CDN       
  Micronta Variable DC Power Supply   Heathkit SP-2718 Power Supply  
  $250 CDN     $100 CDN  
  Jana SWR/Power Meter Micronta 3 Range -21-520A - Power/SWR Meter Micronta SWR/Power Tester  
  $69 CDN  $80 CDN  $50 CDN   
  4 X SO-239 Adapter bulkhead Unused Project Box RCA CB Co-Pilot 40 CH Transceiver  
  $5 each CDN or all $15 CDN $5.00 CDN $39.95 USD   
  DSC - SD-30W watt siren (front)  DSC - SD-30W watt siren (side) DSC - SD-30W watt siren (rear)  
    $45 CDN    
  Mystery project Alliance HD-73 Rotator Controller
(rotator still on the tower) 
Alliance HD-73 Rotor & Controller
  $5 CDN Controller only: $50 CDN $200 CDN (Combo)  
       purchaser responsible to remove the rotor from the tower
(does not include tower plate)
  Numechron Tymeter Model 100  Numechron Tymeter bottom view  Desktop PC Dialup Modem   
  $50 CDN - base broken    $5 CDN  
  Dynacharge 6  Realistic THBRS101 2 Station Intercom Car Radio (w) speakers   
  $5 CDN $10 CDN  $5 CDN  


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